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Causal Inference for the Social Sciences

PS C236A / Stats C239A

Fall 2015

Lecture: Teusday and Thursday 1pm-2:30pm in Barrows hall, room 793

Section: Thursday 6pm-8pm in Morgan hall, room 109

Contact Information:

Professor Jas Sekhon


GSI: Yotam Shem-Tov


Class Syllabus

Lecture Notes: presentation version: see bcourses website;  

Section Notes

Section 1 - Regression review

Section 2-Intro to Identification and Potential Outcomes

Section 3-Permutation inference

Section 4-Permutation inference

Section 5-The Propensity and univariate matching

Section 6 - Cross-Validation (CV)

Section 7 - LOESS and RDD

Section 8 - McCrary (2008)

Section 9 - Matching without replacement and Genetic matching

Section Code Examples

Section 1 Code - yet to be uploaded

Section 2 Code - yet to be uploaded

Section 3 Code - yet to be uploaded

Section 4 Code

Section 5 code

Section 6 Code - CV

Section 7 Code - LOESS and RDD

Section 8 Code - McCrary (2008)

Section 9 Code

Other Useful Materials and Links

Rocio Titiunik's Website for the Course:
Probability Notes
Intro Matrix Algebra Notes
Identification of treatment effects
R Review Session Code , data , plot.pval()